BuntBrain WaterQuality

BuntBrain WaterQuality is a web-based software for the analysis and prediction of the evolution of quality parameters in drinking water within a water distribution network.

Combining advanced mathematical algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and hydraulic simulation, it minimizes sanitary risks in distributed water.

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For whom

BuntBrain WaterQuality is designed for utilities, municipal utilities and water consortiums which need to:

  • Ensure compliance with the new European directive on drinking water 2020/2184 of December 16, 2020 on the quality of water for human consumption
  • Ensure water quality at the point of consumption of the customer
  • Predict the evolution of organoleptic parameters throughout the distribution network
  • Adopt measures at source to correct trends observed in the parameters analyzed


  • Improved perception of the organoleptic quality of the water consumed by the customer
  • Optimization of reagent source dosages based on the evolution of quality parameters in the network
  • Homogeneous and constant distribution of disinfectant agents in the network, reducing the sanitary risk