BuntBrain EndUses

BuntBrain EndUses is a web-based software that applies big data analysis and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the end uses of water being distributed, breaking down consumption into its essential components: washing machine, dishwasher, tap, toilet, irrigation, leaks, etc.

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For whom

BuntBrain EndUses is designed for water utilities that:

  • Want to create a benchmark for water consumption efficiency in their service areas to determine savings potential
  • Are looking for a tool to help them characterise and predict demand
  • Need to plan long-term actions to prevent water stress situations
  • Wish to analyse the real efficacy of strategies and tools available for water saving


  • Greater resiliency in case of water stress
  • Better customer understanding in order to define tariffs
  • Data supported knowledge to implement water saving policies
  • Data supported knowledge for communication campaigns to customers