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As of now, BuntPlanet has become part of Siemens. We invite you to visit and contact us through the Siemens website for all future inquiries and updates.

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BuntBrain DigitalTwin

BuntBrain DigitalTwin is a web-based solution that provides water utilities with a virtual model of their water network that replicates real behaviour and simulates different scenarios, providing them with a holistic perspective and understanding of the system.

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For whom

BuntBrain DigitalTwin is designed for water utility companies that:

  • Leverage data from smart meters, pressure/flow sensors, SCADAs, hydraulic modelling and AI algorithms
  • Use digital twin software for real-time simulation and smart operations
  • Virtually replicate the behaviour of the water network in real time, for the analysis of historical situations and for predicted future scenarios


  • Improve operational decision-making with ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Optimize system performance and avoid downtimes
  • Optimize the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes
  • 24x7 secure access from any location with an internet connection