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BuntBrain AssetManager

The BuntBrain AssetManager software analyses assets within a water distribution network, to assess factors such as their importance to the network and their probability of failure.

The software may be used to determine optimal plans for investment, specifically investment in pipe renewal, to ensure the maintenance of an adequate level of service, with reference to the budget available. The software prioritises which pipe sections should be replaced based on their condition and the impact which a breakage might have.

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For whom

For water utilities who need to:

  • Analyse the current status of and likelihood of future failure of assets installed in their distribution network
  • Plan the renewal of their assets, from both a financial and technical perspective
  • Plan ongoing asset maintenance programmes


  • Provides an assessment of the condition of water infrastructure with reference to an Infrastructure Value Index (IVI) calculation
  • Works out the priority for the renewal of various assets installed in a distribution network
  • Calculates how critical assets are, to better understand the potential consequences of the failure of each individual pipe section
  • Predicts the probability of asset failure
  • Helps plan infrastructure expenditure