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BuntPlanet to roll out its water meter management module, BuntBrain WaterMeters, in the network of SAPAL, Mexico

BuntPlanet is delighted to announce that it its Artificial Intelligence platform BuntBrain WaterMeters will be deployed by SAPAL (El Sistema Público de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de León), to manage its water meters.

Implementation of the WaterMeters module will be supported by the programa Pilotu del Gobierno Vasco para el desarrollo de proyectos de inversión pública internacional – a Basque Government scheme which provides support for international public investment pilot projects.

SAPAL is one of the most technologically advanced water utilities in Mexico. SAPAL has more than 470,000 meters and with the help of BuntBrain WaterMeters, it will be able to use Big Data techniques to manage them. This will help to reduce commercial losses, prioritise meter replacement and enable SAPAL to optimise its future plans to implement remote metering.

BuntBrain’s partner in Mexico, Sextante Consultores, will collaborate on the project.

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