Ainhoa Lete to speak at IWA Digital Water Summit

We are delighted to announce that BuntPlanet Co-founder & CEO, Ainhoa Lete, will speak at the IWA Digital Water Summit in Bilbao on 30th November 2022 on a “Digital Strategy for Commercial Losses reduction”.

Commercial Losses, arising from fraud, metering inaccuracies and data handling errors, account for US$17bn globally every year and cost the industry almost as much as physical water losses due to factors such as leakage. Ainhoa’s presentation will demonstrate how the BuntBrain WaterMeters software tool is helping water utilities around the world to tackle Commercial Losses via optimal meter replacement strategies.

Ainhoa’s presentation will also outline how the BuntBrain WaterMeters tool can help companies in Spain comply with new Spanish regulation requiring the replacement of old water meters.

She will be joined by Unai Lerma, the Commercial Director of Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao, one of the water utilities which has successfully deployed the BuntBrain WaterMeters solution.

BuntBrain WaterMeters uses information sourced from sensors, meters/smart meters and other data sources located across a water network. Its intelligent algorithms assess the efficiency of each of the water meters installed within the network and the software generates an optimal meter replacement programme for the water utility. BuntBrain WaterMeters is a key component within BuntPlanet’s ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence-based digital solutions for water utilities.