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Transforming the Customer Experience at ESPH (Costa Rica)

La Empresa de servicios Públicos de Heredia (ESPH), the public utility company of Heredia in Costa Rica, has taken a significant step to enhance the customer experience of its water consumers by incorporating the BuntBrain WebApp into its services. This integration enables customers to monitor their water consumption and compare it with users with a similar profile. It also offers the option for customers to receive tailored alerts, providing them with greater control over their water usage and the ability to make informed decisions.

The primary objective is to provide customers with the tools to understand and reduce their water consumption. BuntBrain’s WebApp represents a significant advance towards the goal of more efficient management of our vital resources of water.

The collaboration between ESPH and BuntPlanet underscores the commitment of both companies to improve the customer experience and promote sustainable water use practices. This new tool should provide consumers in Heredia with greater control over their water consumption, contributing to the preservation of regional water resources.

This partnership signifies a significant stride towards optimizing water usage in the region of Heredia. BuntPlanet is confident that the BuntBrain WebApp tool will prove invaluable to those seeking to adopt a more conscious and responsible approach to their water consumption.

We would like to extend our gratitude to ESPH, and to its partner STE SRL Costa Rica, for the trust and confidence they have demonstrated in our software solutions.