Successful EU Horizon 2020 funded trials demonstrate BuntPlanet’s innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions for Water Losses, across four diverse water utility networks

Funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme has allowed BuntPlanet to successfully deploy its innovative ‘big data’ Artificial Intelligence solutions for Water Losses, or Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in four water utility networks with widely varying conditions, throughout Europe and Latin America.

The trials, which formed part of the ACCUWATER project, took place in the networks of Servicios de Txingudi/Txingudiko Zerbitzuak (STTZ) in Hondarribi, a city in the Basque Autonomous Region of Spain; Netzgesselschaft Düsseldorf GmhH (DUSS) in Düsseldorf, Germany; Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia SA (ESPH), in Heredia, Costa Rica; and Empresa Local de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Sucre (ELAPAS), in Sucre, Bolivia.

BuntBrain WaterMeters was successfully trialled in the networks of ELAPAS and ESPH. BuntBrain LeakFinder was deployed in the networks of STTZ, DUSS and ESPH.

A key objective of the ACCUWATER project was to demonstrate the efficiency of the software modules in different network conditions. In addition to the varied geographical locations chosen for the demonstrations, the chosen networks varied widely in respect of the levels of Water Losses, ranging from low to high levels; and in respect of the degrees of water stress.

BuntBrain LeakFinder performed well in each of the networks where it was installed. The software’s self-learning algorithms proved capable of detecting and locating leaks with very high levels of accuracy, resulting in significant economic benefits to all of the participating water utility companies. It achieved the most significant savings – as might be anticipated – in the water networks with highest levels of Water Losses.

BuntBrain WaterMeters also proved highly effective in the networks where it was deployed – including the ELAPAS network which combines high levels of Water Losses with a high degree of water stress.

Each of the trial sites will now serve as a regional reference installation for BuntPlanet as it pursues further expansion.