Bunt Planet’s BuntBrain software is awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

BuntBrain, BuntPlanet’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based software to reduce Water Losses in Water Distribution Networks, has received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. The label, an award for clean and profitable solutions, was granted by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to identify #1000solutions that can address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth. It was established by Bertrand Piccard, a pioneer of new ways of thinking that bridge the gap between ecology and economy. Piccard co-piloted the first unfuelled circumnavigation of the globe, in 2016, in a solar powered aircraft – the Solar Impulse project.

The goal of the Solar Impulse Foundation is help pull new technologies and products to market and fast track their implementation. The Efficient Solution Label represents a mark of quality to decision-makers in business and governments. Each solution awarded with the Label must contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, have demonstrated a high level of technical maturity and be commercialized, or close to commercialization. Solutions are assessed by independent experts, using a neutral methodology which has been certified by EY.

BuntBrain addresses water scarcity, one of the most important global challenges we face. It combines ‘Big Data’ and AI to improve profitability, sustainability and efficiency in Water Distribution Networks and ultimately change the way networks are designed and managed. It offers water utilities a scalable and affordable solution to the problem of Water Losses: BuntBrain can reduce and prevent both physical Water Losses, leakage, and commercial Water Losses by up to 50% – with a payback time for utilities of less than one year.

Being chosen as one of the #1000solutions and awarded the Efficient Solutions Label is a recognition of BuntBrain’s enormous commercial and ecological potential. BuntBrain clearly demonstrates Bertrand Piccard’s belief that:

“Today, efficient solutions exist that can boost economic growth, while at the same time reducing our impact on the planet”