Reseller Agreement Brings Game-Changing AI Based Water Software to Australian Water Utilities

We are pleased to announce that WaterGroup, an Australian utility water savings company, became today the official reseller for BuntBrain, BuntPlanet’s software platform.

“We believe this is going to be a game-changer in reducing non-revenue network losses for water utilities across Australia,” says Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Managing Director for WaterGroup.

Our experiences across Europe and Latin America have demonstrated the ability of our Artificial Intelligence platform to perform effectively, even in highly challenging environments where there were high levels of NRW. We think Australian Utilities will benefit from this software. With pressure on dwindling water resources, especially in times of climate change, water utilities worldwide increasingly turn to software such as ours to reduce water losses. We expect the Australian market to be a world reference in water conservation software application.
BuntBrain LeakFinder will be commercially available through WaterGroup as of today. Water Utilities can see it in action by requesting a demo with WaterGroup or at its official launch at stand M24 at Ozwater22, Australia’s most prominent water industry event in Brisbane, May 10-12, 2022.

About WaterGroup:
Established in 2006, WaterGroup is one of Australia’s largest integrated water savings companies for Water Utilities. The company is a widely recognised leader in Smart Water Metering, Leak Detection and Water Efficiency Solutions.
By leveraging the Internet of Things, innovation, and sustainable solutions, its services and products help water suppliers, municipalities, hospitals, universities, large corporates, shopping centres, and large water users save water and money.
With a specialist pool of expertise, proven design models and innovative engineering solutions, WaterGroup creates and delivers the best possible outcomes for its clients.