Siemens and BuntPlanet saving water the smart way

SIWA LeakPlus (powered by BuntPlanet) detects leaks at VA SYD in Sweden

BuntPlanet signed a distributor agreement with Siemens in 2019 and since then its technology has been incorporated into the Siemens Water (SIWA) solutions. Siemens’ Artificial Intelligence-based SIWA LeakPlus solution (powered by BuntPlanet) is a cloud-based application that operators can use to detect leaks and other anomalies in pipeline networks fully automatically and with minimal effort.

SIWA LeakPlus was recently successfully deployed at VA SYD, in Sweden. The Malmö-based water supplier is now benefiting from the technology and can pinpoint smaller, slower leaks – significantly improving its customer service and resulting in economic savings.

Economic benefits aside, SIWA LeakPlus has already helped VA SYD move towards its goal of becoming a climate-neutral, energy-saving water utility with zero unplanned service disruptions by 2030.

The VA SYD implementation involved installing the AI-based leakage detection system in its own data centres, rather than in a cloud environment – a first for the Swedish water industry.

Simon Granath and Victor Pelin, the development engineers of VA Syd, are now working on scaling up the solution to other parts of the VA SYD network.

Learn more about the SIWA LeakPlus installation at VA SYD on the Siemens website at this link:

Artificial Intelligence: Saving water the smart way