Beyond 1000 solutions

One year ago, we announced that BuntBrain had received the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label. Awarded by the Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation, the label recognizes innovative and efficient solutions with the potential to improve the sustainability of our planet in a cost-effective way.

Back in 2017 Bertrand Piccard, the creator of Solar Impulse, set himself the challenge of finding 1,000 solutions matching these criteria. In April 2021 this challenge was completed. 1,000 clean, efficient, and profitable solutions have now been identified. All are available on the market and ready to be deployed. Our own award-winning solution, BuntBrain, is one of them: BuntBrain uses artificial intelligence to improve the management of our most precious resource: water.

But Piccard’s ambition does not end here. The 1,000+ portfolio continues to grow and now we need to take the next step – to implement these solutions as rapidly as possible so that we can realise their potential benefits in full.

It is within your power to stop being a victim of pollution and end the misuse of natural resources – and to become an agent of change to achieve a better planet.

If you want to know how BuntBrain works, please request your demo here.