BuntPlanet joins the #AliadosDeLosODS campaign promoted by the Spanish Global Compact Network

BuntPlanet - aliados ODS

Four years ago, the United Nations, unanimously of its 193 participating States, approved the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs propose ending poverty and hunger, promoting equality between people, and addressing urgent challenges such as climate change. « Do not leave anyone behind » is the main idea of the agreement.

Achieving the 169 goals included in the Agenda requires an unprecedented effort, of which all must be participants: the public sector, companies, investors, and civil society.

In BuntPlanet we want to contribute our grain of sand. We have worked to align our corporate management and our solutions with the SDGs. In 2016, we joined the UN Global Compact initiative to promote the 10 Principles on human, labor, environmental and anti-corruption rights.

Today, we join the #AliadosDeLosODS campaign to work to disseminate these United Nations Objectives, in collaboration with the Spanish Global Compact Network, an initiative to which we belong.

The objective of this campaign is to act as a speaker to achieve a multiplier effect, so that the 2030 Agenda is known and worked.

The SDG-based corporate management creates new business opportunities, improves the relationship with interest groups, and promotes innovation.